I look so goofy on these pictures, I can't believe that I put them on my website. Well, since Franck is my official photographer, he is not very often in front of the camera. Two important things that you need to know about Franck:
- He tries very hard to look smart. He dresses in black, wear glasses, drive a fancy car... I'm not sure he is having much success :)
- He spends too much time in the basement doing stuffs. I am still waiting for my toy box!!!
Beth is very smart (but you can't say that in front of Franck). She works in a big office and the entire staff plays with me on week ends when I go there. Two persons are not supposed to know about that: The security guy at the front desk and Arthur Gensler :)
Beth is a very good cook by any dog definition. I mean the food is good and enough of it ends up on the floor to keep me happy.